The baroque Church of Our Lady, built in 1695-1704 (foundation stone laid by F.E.Buquoy.) is one of the official places of the pilgrimage in the diocese of České Budějovice. In the middle of the church there stands the ornate high altar, a free copy of Bernini canopy of the pontifical altar in St. Peter´s Cathedral in Rome. Among its columns there is hung the tabernacle with the statue of Our Lady. Main fair is celebrated on Sunday after the 8th September. On the hill nearby the church there can be found the Hunting Lodge from the beginning of the 18th century designed originally as the seat of the curate and the hospice. Since 1971,together with adjoining buildings, it has served as a convent of Congregation of Grey Nuns of the 3rd order of St. František. Julius Zeyer wished to be buried in the nearby cemetery. This place of the pilgrimage which was often visited by him inspired him to create his work ”Marian garden”. Along the access forest road there is situated early medieval Slavic mound burial place. The road to Libějovice is lined by the avenue of Lime trees planted shortly after the half of the 18th century. Lomec is one of the points of the nature-cycle-tourist path called ”The historical landscape of the Netolice region”.