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The cycle path leads to the north of Vodňany and it runs in the fl at country to the village of Ražice which belongs to the Free Association of villages called the Golden hill. It goes through the villages and settlements of: Krašlovice, Kloub, Božovice, Humňany (behind it there is possible to turn to Štětice, it is a good choice especially for lovers of horse riding) and Ražice. You can go on to Kestřany where there are 2 village strongholds and annually the competition in panning for gold takes place there on the river Otava, to Putim – one of the destinations of a good soldier Švejk, to Sudoměř where nearby there is the memorial of Jan Žižka at the pond Škaredý, to Štěkeň where there is possible to watch the memorial hall of a writer Karel Klostermann in the local castle – convent.
Interesting places: Krašlovice – mills, a pub; Kloub – the village preservation area; Božovice – the ruins of a stronghold; Zlatá hora – 461 m above sea level, the geographical centre of the microregion of the Golden hill; Ražice – the South Bohemian village of the year 2007, a pub; Th e pond Řežabinec – a bird reserve with an observation tower; Ražický pond – the nature noteworthy place