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The cycleway shows the visitors round the most favourite tourist places in the Vodňany region in the past but also in the present time. It is worthy of mention that more than 100 years ago a writer Julius Zeyer walked along these places with his friends. And they have remained popular up to these days. The great importance of landscaping of the nature in the baroque times lead to the establishment of the Nature conservation area of the Libějovice-Lomec regions. The chosen way passes through the village of Chelčice. There you can opt for 2 possible variations how to get to the castle in Libějovice. The 1st option is to take the marked path past Záhorčí, the 2nd one leads you to the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene in the place called Na Lázni and from there along the lovely tree-lined avenue. The way runs in the former castle park and takes you to the church of pilgrimage on the Lomec hill. Cycleway goes on to the castle Kratochvíle and to the village of Lhenice. There you can join the nature trail called the Historical country of the Netolice region and get to its centre – the town of Netolice (16 km).
Interesting places: Vodňany – the baroque house “U čápů” where there lived a writer Julius Zeyer, the memorial halls of Julius Zeyer and František Herites in the Town Gallery; Chelčice – the Church of St. Martin, the memorial hall of a religious thinker Petr Chelčický, a pub; Záhorčí – its former owner is identifi ed with Petr Chelčický; Libějovice – a stronghold, an “old castle”, a baroque “new” castle, a pub; Libějovice park – a nature reserve; Lomec (commonly Lomeček) the baroque church with the altar which is a free copy of Bernini canopy of the pontifi cal altar in St. Peter´s Cathedral in Rome