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The way starts in Stožice, leads along the local road to the crossroads and turns right to the village of Křepice (or left to Chelčice). In
Křepice on the crossroads the way turns left to the hill called the Svobodná mountain (640 m above sea level with a view of the Šumava
mountains, the area of České Budějovice, the Písek mountains, the Vodňany mountains) and to the village of Vodňanské Svobodné
Hory. You can relax at the Chapel of St. Leonard or refresh yourselves at the farmstead U Šťástků. Th e fi nal part of the way leads to
Pražák (red tourist mark) and on the edge of the wood turns right back to the village of Stožice. Th e fi nal part needs heightened cautiousness
because of the terrain.
Interesting places: Stožice – the parental home of a writer Josef Holeček (1853 – 1929), a natural swimming pool, a pub; Křepice – the rare strike of gold in 1927 comes from the nearby wood, it is exhibited in the Vodňany gallery; Vodňanské Svobodné Hory – refreshment, an accommodation, horse riding