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The path is located west of Protivín and it is accompanied by 18 stops about the history of visited places and about their natural objects of interest. It goes through the village of Myšenec, down the river Blanice, past the stronghold Klokočín, to the villages of Skály and Budičovice. Further it goes along interesting remains of the stronghold Božovice at the Tvrzský pond
and it passes through the lovely country of the Protivín area. The pleasant break could be in the restaurant in Chvaletice and from there the way leads to Milenovice and back to Protivín.
Interesting places: Protivín – the Chapel of St. Anne, the school decorations on the draft of Mikoláš Aleš, a castle, the museum exposition of the exotic nature, a bike repair service, an information office; Myšenec – the remains of the Přemyslide castle, the geological nature noteworthy place “Myšenec suns”; Th e river Blanice – 95 km long, the tributary of the Otava river; Klokočín – a shooting place of the film “Markéta Lazarova” by František Vláčil (1967), the path to Maletice; Chvaletice – the restaurant “U roubené studny”; Milenovice – the listed feudal court
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